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Director (Lands) division mainly deals with the following charter of duties :

  1. To process all cases pertaining to grant of working permission on defence land/ transfer of defence land to State Govts/Central Govt Department/PSUs etc. for creation of public infrastructure projects.
  2. To examine proposals received for acquisition/ hiring/ dehiring/ requisition/derequisition of land for defence purposes and process them for approval of the competent authority.
  3. To process cases for according sanction of the competent authority for incurring expenditure under Charged Head as well as for conversion of expenditure incurred under suspense head to charged head.
  4. To formulate policy for management of defence land.
  5. Application of IT in management of defence land.
  6. To furnish reports to Parliament and also replies to questions raised on the floor of the Parliament.
  7. To process references received from VIPs and PMO and put up draft reply to such references.
  8. Seek legal opinion on cases received from DGDE/Army
  9. To furnish regular reports and returns on various issues to Coord Division of MoD and
  10. To handle miscellaneous receipts comprising of grievances, complaints, appeals under RTI, Reports and returns received from Coord Division, Letters from other Ministries for comments, summons from Courts, cases pertaining to NHRC, PAC matters, Audit Paras etc.