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S. No. Title Download
1 Guidelines for framing criteria for Vendor selection and Prequalification in Buy Indian-IDDM , Buy Indian and Buy & Make Indian cases PDF iconDownload  (3.79 MB)
2 Guidelines on allotment and gifting of captured war trophy, surplus, phased out, obsolete tanks, aircraft, vehicle stores and equipment to Govt. and Non- Govt. Organizations and Institutions. PDF iconDownload  (3.21 MB)
3 ASP New Schedule No. 26- ECHS PDF iconDownload  (550.35 KB)
4 Amendment to NSP2016- New CFA PDF iconDownload  (296.71 KB)
5 Amendment to DFPM 2015 PDF iconDownload  (5.7 MB)
6 Amendment to NSP 2016 PDF iconDownload  (766.07 KB)
7 Delegation of Financial Powers to AFMS-Enhancement of powers of DGAFMS, Dated-20-Dec-2018 PDF iconDownload  (292.61 KB)
8 Delegation of Financial Powers to NHQ- Enhancement of Powers of VCNS in NSP 2016 PDF iconDownload  (2.1 MB)
9 Delegation of Financial Powers to AHQ- Enhancement of Powers of VCOAS in ASP 2016 PDF iconDownload  (1.15 MB)
10 Delegation of Financial Powers to AirHQ-Enhancement of Powers of VCAS in AFSP 2016 PDF iconDownload  (1.7 MB)