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Q 1. What are the current Force Levels of the Indian Navy? What are the ongoing projects? What steps are being undertaken by the Indian Navy to augment its strength?
Q 2. Why was the name Arihant chosen for India’s first Nuclear Powered Submarine?
Q 3. What is the Indian Navy expecting from the Indian Industry for future naval platforms?
Q 4. What is the rationale of constructing a full-fledged naval base at Karwar, when we have two operational bases at Mumbai and Kochi on the West coast of India?
Q 5. How do you grade Indian Navy today in terms of Operational preparedness?
Q 6. After 26/11, what steps have been taken to strengthen the intelligence system and surveillance?
Q 7. What level of training assistance is being provided by the Navy to the CISF and Marine Police?
Q 8. India is a maritime nation with a long coastline and Maritime Security is responsibility of the Indian Navy. Is the Navy capable to safeguard the maritime interests with the present fleet strength?
Q 9. What efforts are in place for bringing the complete coastline under radar surveillance?
Q 10. What short term and long term gains for strategic partnership accrue for the Indian Navy by holding bi-lateral and joint exercises?