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Finance Division

Finance Division in the Ministry of Defence

Finance Division in the Ministry of Defence deals with all matters having a financial implication. This Division is headed by Secretary (Defence Finance)/Financial Adviser (Defence Services) and is fully integrated with the Ministry. It performs an advisory role.The Ministry of Defence enjoys enhanced delegated financial powers to facilitate quicker decision making. These powers are exercised with the concurrence of the Finance Division.Finance Division prepares and monitors Defence Services Estimates, Civil Estimates of the Ministry of Defence and the Estimates in respect of Defence Pensions.


  1. To examine all Defence matters having a financial bearing.
  2. To render financial advice to the various functionaries of Ministry of Defence and the Services Headquarters.
  3. To act as integrated Finance Division of Ministry of Defence.
  4. To assist in the formulation and implementation of all schemes / proposals involving expenditure.
  5. To assist in the formulation and implementation of Defence Plans.
  6. To prepare Defence Budget and other estimates for the Defence Services, Civil Estimates of Ministry of Defence, estimates in respect of Defence Pensions and to monitor the progress of the scheme against the budget.
  7. To exercise post-budget vigilance to ensure that there are neither considerable shortfalls in expenditure nor unforeseen excesses.
  8. To advise heads of branches of the Armed Forces Headquarters in the discharge of their financial responsibility.
  9. To function as the accounting authority for the Defence Services.
  10. To prepare the Appropriation Accounts for the Defence Services.
  11. To discharge the responsibility for payments and internal audit of Defence expenditure through the Controller General of Defence Accounts.