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Quartering & Cantonments(Q&C)

DD (Q&C) Branch Mainly Deals With The Following Areas Of Work :

1. Policy on quartering / accommodation applicable to Army, Navy and Air Force except issues pertaining to payment of allowances in lieu of quarters / furniture.

2. Individual cases of Army related with quartering / accommodation like hiring / de-hiring assumption / Resumption of building / retention of marriage accommodation / quartering of the Army personnel as well as the Defence civilians (except at Delhi with is done by CAO's Office).

3.Administrative control over the Cantonment Boards and Indian Defence Estates Service (IDES).

4. Delivery of public services by Cantonment Boards.

5. Eviction of unauthorised occupation from properties held under the charge of Army / Cantonment Board as distinct from Defence Estates Officer.

6. Cases relating to co-ordination in so far as the Defence Ministry is with the Public Premises (Eviction of the Unauthorised Occupants) Act,1971.

7. Dealing with Directorate General of Defence Estates (DGDE).

8. It deals with the following Acts / Rules:

   i. Revision of Special Army Order - Revision of accommodation and allied services & recovery of quartering       charges from service officers.

   ii. Cantonment Act 2006 and Rules made therein.

   iii. Governor General Order GGO 179 of 1836.

9. Policy on F.S.I. (Floor Space Index).

10. Policy & issues related to superstructure of Old Grant Bungalows covering resumption (including provision of alternative developed free hold site), determination of compensation, mutation, delegation of power etc.