Sixth Central Pay Commission

S.No Title Download
31 I.D. Note dated 16.8.2007 regarding Grant of special allowance to the Armour Welders of Master Craftsman Grade of Heavy Vehicles Factory, Avadi and Ordnance Factory Medak. Download (206.2 KB) pdf
32 I.D. Note dated 23.8.2007 regarding Submission of the memorandum/the pending demands of the Central Govt. Employees in General and Defence Civilian Employees in Particular to the Hon’ble Prime Minister. Download (78.38 KB) pdf
33 I.D. Note dated 24.8.2007 regarding OA NO. 1024/2004 filed by Sh. V Srinivas & others working as Medical Assistant, Ordnance Factory Hospital, Yeddumailaram, Medak Distt under Ministry of Defence V/s. UOI and Others in Hyderabad Bench of the Central Adm Download (80.88 KB) pdf
34 I.D. Note dated 27.8.2007 regarding Grant of HRA to lacally recruited Defence Civilians working in Field/High Altitude Area and residing in their own housed along with their families. Download (53.49 KB) pdf
35 I.D. Note dated 31.8.2007 regarding Demands projected by the Defence Recognized Federations . Download (1.39 MB) pdf
36 I.D. Note dated 24.9.2007 regarding grant of Dynamic Assured Career Progression & NFSG to the Civilian Medical Officers (CMOs) under DGAFMS- Proposal. Download (70.45 KB) pdf
37 I.D. Note dated 25.9.2007 Matter raised under rule 377 in Lok Sabha debates dated 23.8.2007 by Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal, M.P. regarding "need to introduce one rank-one pension in Army". Download (59.93 KB) pdf
38 I.D. Note dated 5.10.2007 Demand of AOC All India Storekeepers Association -Grant of anomaly in the entry level pay scale of Storekeeping Staff of AOC. Download (78.05 KB) pdf
39 I.D. Note dated 19.10.2007 regarding Interim to central govt. employees(PM). Download (36.24 KB) pdf
40 I.D. Note dated 23.10.2007 regarding Revised Pay scale of Dhobi by Sh. Baijnath, leader staff side. Download (58.9 KB) pdf
41 I.D. Note dated 24.10.2007 regarding Revision of pay scale of MT Supervisor of ASC. Download (177.85 KB) pdf
42 I.D. Note dated 06.11.2007 regarding 85th Departmental Council Meeting General Points No. 98/99- upgradation of. Download (58.93 KB) pdf
43 I.D. Note dated 15.11.2007 regarding 6th Federal Council Meeting of AIDEF held form 09th to 11th October, 2007.. Download (49.6 KB) pdf
44 I.D. Note dated 27.11.2007 regarding Anomalies referred by various Federations/Associations Download (47.75 KB) pdf
45 I.D. Note dated 27.11.2007 regarding Anomalies referred by various Federations/Associations Download (47.75 KB) pdf