CPIOs and Appellate Authority

S.No. Name of the CPIO with Designation & Tel. No. Name of Appellate Authority with Designation Subject Matter

Ms. Ritu Sharma,

Shri V R Chelle, Director (PSUs), Tel: 23014003

Matters related to DPSUs, DOMW, DGAQA, Assessment of Shipyard, MSQAA.


Shri Sirhdar,

Shri Agni Kumar Das, Director , Tel: 23012394

Matters related to AFA(P-I) Section.


Shri K B Nair,
AFA (Prov-II)

Shri Agni Kumar Das, Director , Tel: 23012394

Matters related to AFA(P-II) Section.


Shri Amlan Das,
Tel: 23063781

Shri Umesh Kumar Tiwary, Director , Tel: 23014708

Capital procurement for Air Force.


Shri Juel Minj,
Tel: 23015217

Shri Pritam Singh, DFA(N and CG), Tel: 23015794

All revenue caes of Coast Guard-Deputation, Manpower, Audit, Revenue Procurement, Infrastructure, Transportation, Land, Acquisition, Repair and Refit of Ships etc. related to India Coast Guard.


Shri G. Saravanan,
Tel: 23014923

Shri Pritam Singh, DFA(N and CG), Tel: 23015794

All cases related to land and infrastructure of India Navy.


AFA(NA) – Vacant,
Tel: 23011232
Link Offcer: AFA(NC)

Shri Pritam Singh, DFA(N and CG). Tel: 23015794

All revenue related deputation cases of Indian Navy personnel abroad. Estt. Matters relating to Naval Civilian Officers. Procurement of vehicles and man power related cases of Indian Navy. Court cases, regularization of losses, audit para and draft para on IN.


Ms. Vandana Sharma,
Tel: 23792514

Shri Pritam Singh, DFA(N and CG), Tel: 23015794

Matters related to AFA (Navy-C) Section.


Shri Shrinath Chauhan,
Tel: 23792590

Shri K C Meena, DFA(Pension), Tel: 23018756

Matters related to Defence Pension, ECHG, DGR, KSB


Shri M P Singh,
Tel: 23014890

Shri P T Bhutia, Director (MO), Tel: 23015539

1. Proposal of MoD (Sectt), DPR, CAO, Security Office & History Division for financial concurrence of Estt. 2. Financial concurrence of expenditure proposals received from MoD , CAO, DMR&F and D(Cer) in MoD, DPR. 3. Cadre review in resident of AFHQ and ISO-CC and release of grant to IDSA 4. Processing the proposal for delegation and deputation abroad in resident of Honorable RM and RRM, all the three services Chiefs, DS and various civilian officers of MoD(Sectt). 5. Financial concurrence in resident of visits of delegation led by foreign Defence Minister and Service Chief. 6. Private Airline Travel Permission Cell for MoD officers and officials only. 7. ISOs and other org. functioning directly under MoD receiving funds from Army and other services under Misc. and Contingency Head (as mentioned in DEPDS 16.Schedule 16)