CPIOs and Appellate Authority

S.No. Name of the CPIO with Designation & Tel. No. Name of Appellate Authority with Designation Subject Matter

Ms. Anu Arora,
AFA, DAD Coord,
Tel: 23792781

Shri R K Karna, Addl. FA(RK)&JS, Tel: 23011250

Deal with proposals received from Defence Accounts Department ie, CGDA office related to IDAS offices and other administrative issues related to department.


Shri R K. Gupta,
AFA (O1/Acq),
Tel: 23792326

Shri K C Singha, DFA (LS and Acq), Tel: 23013471

Capital Acq. Cases of Land Systems.


Shri Vinay Pratap Singh,
US, D(Lab)
Tel. No. 23012660
email: vinaypratap[dot]bhadur[at]nic[dot]in


Shri Devendra Kumar,
US, D(Apptts)
Tel. No. 23011449
email: devendra[dot]kumar[at]mod[dot]in

Shri Amod Kumar Tewary, DS Tel. No. 23011681 Email: aktewari[dot]edu[at]nic[dot]in

Framing amending of the Recruitment Rules in case of Groups A B & C posts Direct recruitment to Groups A & B posts through UPSC. Promotion to Groups A & B posts. Confirmation in Group A posts and seniority Change in the date of birth and reconstruction of service documents in respect of Groups A B & C posts.


Shri Rupesh Kumar

OSD (Civ I)

Tel. No. 23012414

email: rupesh[dot]kumar[at]mod[dot]in

Shri Amod Kumar Tewary DS Tel. No. 23011681 email: aktewari[dot]edu[at]nic[dot]in

DefenceCivilian employees, issues involving pay scales when two nor more organisations of the lower formations involves CDS RP Rules, issues relating to ACPS MACPS. Parliament questions and MP VIP references relating to above subjects


Ms. VimlaVikram,
US, D(Civ.II)
Tel. No. 23014675
email: vimla[dot]vikram[at]mod[dot]in

Shri Amod Kumar Tewary, DS Tel. No. 23011681email: aktewari[dot]edu[at]nic[dot]in

Issues relating to Defence Civilian employees other than those dealt with in Civ. I Section.


Shri Harish Kumar
Director (Air/Acquisition), Air Acq.
Tel. No. 23060095
email: harish[dot]kumar67[at]mod[dot]in

Shri Sanjai Singh, JS & AM (Air) Tel. No. 23014944 email: sanjai[dot]singh[at]mod[dot]in

Matters pertaining to Air Acquisition (Capital) wing in MOD.


Shri Rahul Raj,
Deputy Secretary (GS-IV)
Tel. No. 23019748
email: rahulraj[at]nic[dot]in

Ms. DiptiMohil Chawla, JS&AM(LS).Tel. No. 23015952 email: dmchawla[dot]dad[at]hub[dot]nic[dot]in

Cases related to the capital procurement for Signals & Electronics, Mechanized Infantry, EME and Engineers.