CPIOs and Appellate Authority

S.No. Name of the CPIO with Designation & Tel. No. Name of Appellate Authority with Designation Subject Matter

Shri Arun Kumar,

US, D(Pay/Ser)

Tel. No. 23012739

Shri Amod Kumar Tiwari, DS(AG-I), Tel. No. 23014036

Matters pertaining to pay and allowances of Armed Forces Officers and personnel in India and abroad. Claim for ex-gratia compensation arising out of traffic accident and other sorts committed by personnel of the Indian Army while on duty, Policy relating to payment of ex-gratia lump sum compensation to families of Defence Services personnel who die in harness. Policy on grant of Field Service Concessions to Service Officers and personnel, Policy and individual cases regarding disposal of estates of deceased Army Officers under the provisions of Army and Air Force (Disposal of Private Property) Act, 1950.


Shri Arvind Kumar,

US, D(Parl/ CR/Wel)

Tel. No. 23012560

email: arvind[dot]kr67[at]gov[dot]in

Shri Sanjai Bajpai, DS(Parl.), Tel. No. 23010646 email: sanjay[dot]bajpai[at]mod[dot]in

Parliamentary work matters- Coordination, policy and procedures thereof. Work relating to Consultative Committees of Members of Parliament attached to the Ministry of Defence. Work arising from the recommendations made by the various Parliamentary Committees (excluding the Finance Committee) of Members of Parliament. Co-ordination work for supply of material for incorporation in the President address to the two Houses of Parliament, Legislative and other proposals and brief for PMO before the commencement of each session of Parliament. Welfare activities in respect of staff employed in the Ministry of Defence Secretariat including Departments of Defence Production and R&D. Co-ordination of matters relating to welfare of minorities under the 15-point Programme.


Shri C.V. Suresh Kumar

US, D (Civ I)

Tel. No. 23012414

Shri Ashok Chakrapani, OSD(CP) Tel. No. 23011681

Policy issues and points relating to pay & allowances in respect of Defence Civilian employees, issues involving pay scales when two nor more organisations of the lower formations involves, CDS(RP) Rules, issues relating to ACPS and MACPS. Parliament questions and MP and VIP references relating to above subjects.


Ms. Vimala Vikram

US D(Civ.II)

Tel. No. 23014675

Shri Ashok Chakrapani, OSD(CP) Tel. No. 23011681

Issues relating to Defence Civilian employees other than those dealt with in Civ. I Section.


Shri A.K. Pandey,


Tel. No. 23013963

email: pandey[dot]ashok[at]mod[dot]in

Shri Moinak Mukherjee DS O&M PG Tel. No. 23013963 email: m[dot]mukerjee[at]gov[dot]in

Office Procedure, record management, rationalization of work, Monitoring of VIP references, Allocation of work between Ministers, training of non-gazetted staff in the Ministry, Disputed references, Induction Material, RM running trophy for the best organized sections in MOD. Monitoring of court cases and contempt case and other issues relating to court cases, Public Grievances.


Shri Amar Nath Sinha
Director (Coord/Litigation), Air Acq.

Tel. No. 23060095

Shri Sanjay Singh, JS & AM (Air) Tel. No. 23014944

Matters pertaining to Air Acquisition (Capital) wing in MOD.


Sh Revati Raman

US (MS),

Tel. No. 23013233

Shri S. Gopal Krishna, DS Tel. No. 23017523

Appointment of Principal Honorary, Honorary ADC and Military Secretary to the President. Grant of honorary rank to civilian and Army Officers. Deputation and extension of deputation and posting of officers of the rank of Maj. Gen and above. Individual cases pertaining to permission to retired and released Army Officers to accept commercial employment of the rank of Maj Gen and above. Substantive promotion to the rank of Lieutenant General. Promotion to the acting rank of Brigadier and above. Change and verification of date of birth of Army Officers. Compulsory retirement for not passing Part D Examination in respect of Army Officers. Permission for premature retirement ,resignation and release of officers of the rank of Major General and above. Extension of service beyond the age of superannuation. Statutory complaints against ACR and supersession, seniority, promotion and posting. Permission to go abroad to the officers carrying Reserve Liability. Regularization of leave.


Shri Parveen Dudeja,


Tel. No. 23011455

email: parveen[dot]dudeja[at]nic[dot]in

Ms. Dipti Mohil Chawla, JS&AM(LS). Tel. No. 23015952 email: dmchawla[dot]dad[at]hub[dot]nic[dot]in

Cases related to the capital procurement for Artillery, Army Aviation Corps, Armoured Corps Air Defence Artillery, Q Mov (Plg) Infantry, Paramilitary (Special Forces), Central Monitoring Organization and Military Intelligence.


Shri S.K. Mishra,


Tel. No. 23019748

Ms. Dipti Mohil Chawla, JS&AM(LS). Tel. No. 23015952

Cases related to the capital procurement for Signals & Electronics, Mechanized Infantry, EME and Engineers.


Shri Jagjeet Kumar,


Tel. No. 23012392

Ms. Nidhi Chibber, JS&AM (MS), Tel. No.23016447

All matters relating to capital acquisition in respect of Navy. Matters relating to Navy Ship and Submarines, Building Projects, International Naval Cooperation, Defence Ministry Production and Supply Committee Matters.