DOD Acts And Rules

AFT Acts, Procedures and Practice
S.No Subject Download
46 AFT(Procedure) Rules, 2008.(Hindi) Download (1.59 MB) pdf
47 AFT(Procedure) Rules, 2008.(English) Download (1.81 MB) pdf
48 AFT(Salaries, Allowances & Conditions of Service of Chairperson and Members)Rules,2009 Download (195.59 KB) pdf
49 AFT(Practice) Rules, 2009.(Hindi) Download (5.56 MB) pdf
50 AFT(Practice) Rules, 2009.(English) Download (5.78 MB) pdf
51 Establishment of Armed Forces Tribunal Download (53.29 KB) pdf
52 Notification of Regional Benches of AFT at Chennai, Jaipur, Lucknow , Chandigarh and Kolkata Download (339.6 KB) pdf
53 Army Act,1950 Download (139.79 KB) pdf